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About us

Nav Uday is driven by a passionate belief that we all have a responsibility to protect our Rights became a society vibrant socially and culturally.

We don't want anything by way of charity .Our mission is add Individuals willing to participate Physically by taking part in Social or political events, Awareness Programs Related to Health, Environment ,Education, Justice. Financially pay their contribution every month to run our Organization and Ideologically by sharing new idea's to take our Movement further.

The mission of Nav Uday is to restore and empower us the youth to become responsible citizens and stewards of their community,

while providing them with holy principles through education, community service projects, and other support services To reshape vulnerable lives through a community.

Nav Uday Team is committed to stand for people/Cause that belongs to Welfare of Society/Person regards of any Race , Religion , Caste , color and will stand for our team too.


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